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Come join our studio where you will make new friendships and memories that will last forever!
REGISTRATION for the 2016-2017 begins April 4th
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Dance Season Studio opens at 
4:15 pm Monday - Thursday

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Don't forget we offer FREE baby ballet for 3 years old dancers!
* Registration, Recital, costume and class uniform fees still apply. 

We are very excited that you are considering Company D Dance Academy for your dancer. Our staff is dedicated in offering dancers the best training we can provide. We do so by continuing to expand our knowledge in dance technique and new choreography. Our hope is that your dancers will enjoy their time at our studio and leave with high self-esteem and a sense of pride in themselves. Above all, we wish to provide our dancers and their families, a warm and relaxed atmosphere, so the time spent at our studio will be enjoyable and a place where wonderful memories are made and dreams come true. The staff will be happy to answer questions you may have about our studio. Please contact us at 729-6600 or email us at companyddance@aol.com.

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